These are a Few of our Favorite Things

"One of my favorite things of We Are One is experiencing the unity, passion and freedom of women coming together to worship our Beloved Jesus."

-Pastor Kim Witcher

"When the fill a sanctuary full of daughters, mothers, single moms, sisters and wives warring against the enemy with one's a power that you have to experience. It can't be explained!"

-Sylvia Rodriguez

"I love the speakers we have and the amazing truth that is spoken! Whether it is Priscilla Shrier, Caroline Leaf, or Pastor Kim, I always walk away with such awesome nuggets of truth."

-Lee Appel

"I love seeing the Holy Spirit powerfully impacting women in the pursuit of God!"

-Vikki Mitchell

"I absolutely love standing amongst hundreds of women, with arms raised, hearts surrendered, singing praises of worship to our King. There is something incredibly amazing when women unite together as one and life our voices to the Savior!"

-Kristen Krissel

"Worshiping with all the women! Such a beautiful sound!"

-Pastor Molly Anderson

"There's nothing like a bunch of women getting together to just "be" all things woman--let our hair down, laugh, party, learn, worship!"

-Pastor Bree Proffitt


-Katie Clark

Tonight is the night! Can't wait to experience all of our favorite things together. Fun kicks off at 6:30. We'll see you at We are One.

Chapter Chicks

Hot tea? Check.
Car-load of my nearest and dearest friends? Check.
Favorite pen and Propel workbook? Check.Check.
Ready to internalize my leadership identity and fulfill my purpose, passion and potential?

Wondering what this is all about and if this is for you? Watch this video from founder, Christine Caine, to hear the heart behind Propel.

You are a Propel woman. Propel is designed for women who lead in all areas of life. Whether you are in the boardroom, classroom, playroom, or anywhere in between, you are designed to lead. As followers of Jesus Christ, we are all called to lead others to Him.

Ready to Join Us?!

Our first Propel Chapter meeting is happening this Monday night, September 28th at 7:00 pm in the Student Ministry Center at the Hollywood Campus. We'll start our conversation series with "Balance: The Myth of Having it All." If you haven't already, you can jump over to (or click the image) to grab your Propel workbook. For more info, videos and a look at our Propel leadership team, check out our Enrich page by clicking here.

In the meantime, mark your calendars for the next 3 sessions you won't want to miss--all at the same time, same place!

October 12

November 9

November 30


Let's go, Propel Woman! We're excited to see you Monday night!



Movies with Friends

You've just settled into the perfectly chosen seat. No one directly in front of you or behind you, arm rests down in their locked position...all for maximum comfort probability and personal space guarantee. Large popcorn and large Icee--Because 1) free refills make up for the exorbitant price 2) you didn't eat all day for this very reason and 3) go big or go home. The lights dim...

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Complete My Joy

I've been thinking about my grandmother a lot lately. One of the most loving and gracious women I know. A true lady. One thing she was known for were her forwarded emails. Now we use social media, but in the late nineties, our forwarding avenue of choice was an "email chain." Paul Revere would surely be proud of our forwarded communication progression . Circa 1999, the chain came through a dialed dinging and hissing email. You know the sort. You read some lovely poem surrounded by angel clip art then you get to the bottom. "You have 12.267 seconds to send this to 13 1/2 friends. If you do, you will meet the love of your life. If you don't, you will lose a limb. Your time starts now."

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Unapologetically Me

"You have allowed aspects of your womanhood to be diminished."

As Pastor Bree delivered that prophetic word during worship on Friday night at We Are One, my heart leapt from my chest. Since Januray, the Lord had been dealing with me on this very issue...diminishing my womanhood. Making small, reducing, lessening who God made me to be.

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Backwards Beauty

There’s a certain roller coaster at a certain amusement park (both shall remain nameless) that I refuse to get on, still to this day. That’s a rare thing coming from a roller coaster fiend. Batman at Six Flags? Holy cow, Batman, let’s ride that again. Tower of Terror? Terrorized bliss. The roller coaster of which we do not speak? Never will I step foot on it again. Why? It went backwards. I don’t necessarily mind that it went backwards… the issue was that I didn’t know it went backwards.

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Benched by Competition

Competition among women can be a bit of a Decepticon. (Can you tell I'm an only girl and mom to boys? Transformer metaphors, roll out!) It can morph into so many different things, enticing us to play the one-up game, but what about when we refuse to play at all? Instead of rising up with an "Oh, yeah?!?! I can do that, too," we shrink back with a, "I can't do it like that, so I won't even try." Benched. Out of the game, on the sideline, watching everyone else do their thing....

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Pinterest-Perfect Pressure

I had caught it. The perfect moment between brothers captured on a smart screen. Perfect simultaneous smiles (which is a miracle in itself). Perfect peace between brothers. Perfect giggles. Perfect boyish wild-at-heart-ness. It felt like a victory Jordan-altar-stone after 6 months of wandering the wilderness of no sleep, sibling jealousy, and more sibling jealousy. I thought, "This moment has to be celebrated and documented. This.... is going on the instagrams."

Thirty seconds later...

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